The Bagel Shop

At The Bagel Shop, we're more than just a bagel bakery; we're a family with a passion for crafting the most delicious, authentic New York bagels. Our roots are deeply intertwined with the heritage of Long Island, the heart of New York bagels.

Bagels are in our DNA, and we believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves to experience the sheer delight of biting into a perfectly toasted, chewy yet tender New York bagel. Our bagels are handcrafted using time-honored recipes and the finest, high-quality ingredients. Each batch is lovingly prepared, boiled to perfection, and baked to achieve that unmistakable New York flavor that's earned bagels their legendary reputation.

Love NY Bagels?

Us too! But even more than that we love all the delicious spreads & toppings to pair our bagels with! Dont forget to check out everything we offer!